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Ofilm Group is one of the world’s largest advanced high-technology manufacturing and assembly companies. The products and technologies we help innovate, design and manufacture are enabling billions of people around the world to share the joys and benefits of using a smartphone, of driving in a safer vehicle, of working more securely and productively with computers and smart wearable devices at home and at work.

Ofilm was established in 2002 in Shenzhen, China – the high-tech capital of China. Today, we are a company with nearly 20,000 workers spread across the globe, with manufacturing and R&D locations in the Silicon Valley of the USA, as well as Chinese Mainland and Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Israel. We also have valued long-term strategic partnerships with leading technology and consumer electronics companies in all these parts of the world and more.

Entrepreneur-founded and led

Ofilm is a private sector company still led by its founding entrepreneur, Mr. Rongjun Tsai. An optical engineer by training, Mr. Tsai began his career after college working at Eastman Kodak in optical solutions. When he established Ofilm, China’s economy was one-tenth its current size, while China’s private sector and especially its domestic technology industry were still small and not yet globally competitive. Today, the private sector in China, not the state-owned economy as in decades past, is the key source of China’s rising affluence and employment growth. Ofilm is part of this remarkable and positive economic and social transformation. China now has a place among the world’s leading high-technology economies. Ofilm is regularly listed among China’s top 25 technology companies by revenue and growth rate.

Ofilm is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, having gone public ten years ago. The company has shareholders in China as well as around the world.


Ofilm’s principal focus is in the field of optoelectronics, meaning devices and technologies that combine the use of electronics and light. Within this field, Ofilm has achieved some significant growth parameters. Today, Ofilm is the world’s large manufacturer of the camera modules, fingerprint sensors and touchscreen components built into smartphones sold globally.

Smartphones are today’s Ofilm’s key industry, but the company is now seeing strong growth in adoption of its optoelectronics products and technologies in other important products consumers rely on – wearable devices, Internet of Things (IOT) sensors and solutions as well as automobiles, both gas powered and electric. Since so many products can benefit from advanced optical sensing and processing, Ofilm is confident its technologies and expertise may have a part to play in the future development of new and still undreamt-of products combining semiconductors, optics, sensors and computing power.


Ofilm has expanded well beyond its original home base and headquarters location of Shenzhen. The company is now approaching two important growth milestones -- annual revenues reaching USD $10 billion, and an R&D staff of over 5,000 people.

We pride ourselves on the diversity, technical qualifications, aspirations and commitment of our workforce. We employ people from every part of China as well as just about every part of the globe.

As an employer, we strive to attain and uphold the highest international standards of social responsibility, employee well-being and business ethics. Accountability – to all our employees, our customers, vendors, partners, and society at large – is of fundamental importance to this effort.

On the leading edge

As Ofilm’s workforce has grown in scale and internationalization, the pace of Ofilm’s investment and innovation in advanced automated manufacturing systems has also accelerated markedly. Not that long ago, the advanced camera optical system in a smartphone camera required precision manual alignment under microscopes. Today, despite the increased complexity of camera systems, over 90% of all this work at Ofilm is automated. This creates a need and an opportunity for our employees to continuously upgrade and diversify their skills. Ofilm enables this with extensive voluntary at-work training and education.

Ofilm’s strategic direction is to develop internally and bring to market more of the building blocks of advanced semiconductor, optics and sensor solutions.

Looking ahead, the world is growing closer to a time with billions of smartphones and consumer devices interconnected with an advanced cloud computing infrastructure using both photons and electrons to store and transmit data. Some of that data will likely be gathered by a network of perhaps hundreds of billions of smart optically-enabled IOT sensors.

Optoelectronics will become more important, more familiar and more pervasive. Ofilm is planning to remain on the vanguard of this fast-changing industry, contributing solutions, technologies and high-quality manufactured products to fulfil needs, wishes and dreams of consumers everywhere.

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