Smart Car
  • Introduction

OFilm started smart car business since 2015. OFilm has successfully become a Tier1 supplier for domestic vehicle manufacturers through the acquisition of Huadong Auto Electric and Nanjing Tianjing. OFilm actively carries out supplier qualification certification for more foreign car manufacturers. In 2018, OFilm acquired the Fuji Tianjin lens factory to further strengthen its layout in automotive lenses and promote smart car business development.

Relying on its technological advantages in the field of optical and optoelectronics, OFilm has been deeply laying out intelligent driving, body electronics and intelligent cockpit, based on optical lens and camera, extending to millimeter radar, LIDAR, head-up display (HUD) and other products to enrich the product matrix layout.

  • Product Structure

Automotive Driving

OFilm provides highly customized autonomous driving solutions including in-vehicle cameras, in-vehicle lenses, ultrasonic radar, millimeter radar, and ADAS software algorithms, including pure camera-based intelligent driving solutions, full millimeter radar automated parking solutions, full-stack intelligent driving solutions that include cameras and radar, and sensory fusion solutions based on weakly supervised learning algorithms.

Body Electronics

OFilm has started smart cars business since 2015 and has accumulated experience in both hardware and software. We can provide customers with cost-effective BCM/BGM, GW, RLS, seat memory modules and other products.

OFilm body electronics business revenue growth steadily, with a customer base covering major domestic independent brand manufacturers and some joint venture OEMs.

Intelligent Cockpit

Ofilm has planned intelligent cockpit products including instrumentation, display screen(central control &duplex screen), HUD, electronic rearview mirror, In-Vehicle Infotainment system, etc. OFilm also applies the advantages accumulated in the field of ultrasonic fingerprint recognition and face recognition to the intelligent cockpit system.

Advanced Technology
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